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Do you need heat pump service for your home or business in the Spring,TX or Houston Metro area? If so, Total Comfort Systems has you covered, we can handle your heat pump repair and maintenance service for all makes and models.

Your heat pump provides you comfort year-round during our harsh South-East Texas seasons. Heat pumps can both cool and heat your home, making them fantastic choices for most home and business owners in our area.

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Sometimes after pro-longed heavy use, heat pumps experience break downs and need to be serviced. If your heat pump is acting odd, working poorly or you're worried that it may need to be repaired give us a call right away. If your heat pump is working fine now, but you'd like to make the chance of a future repair less common then schedule a tune-up for your system with our team.

If your heat pump is working fine now, but you'd like to make the chance of a future repair less common then schedule a tune-up for your system with our team.

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Heat Pump Acting Poorly?

Possibly save yourself some time and money by giving your heat pump a quick but thorough check before scheduling a service visit. Your heat pump could be not working correctly due to something as simple as faulty batteries in a remote.

  • System Controls:
    • Confirm your thermostat settings. Make sure that at least one zone is set to on and the preferred temperature is set well below ambient for cooling operation, or well above ambient for heating operation.

    • For extra security change your thermostat batteries.
  • Power Supply:
    • Double-check your heating and cooling system's indoor emergency switch to ensure it is on. This is typically a toggle switch that may have a red box near the entrance to your utility space.

    • Check your circuit breaker to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heating pump system does have power.

    • Check the outdoor disconnect to make sure it is on.
  • Heat Pumps Operations:
    • If your heat pump is operating in the heat mode, make certain that your system is not in “Defrost” mode. If it is “defrost,” it should be done within a few minutes, and heat pumping operations should then resume. * Consider the Time Delay: If your breaker was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes: many systems have a built-in time delay.
  • Check System Airflow
    • Your filters are important for continued good operation, if they become too dirty and clogged that's bad for the system. Check your filters now and change if necessary.

    • Make sure that the grills / registers in you duct system are open and free of obstructions.

    • Without exception, we always recommend checking the outdoor unit coils. If there are leaves or debris obstructing the coils, we recommend cleaning the coils, although if you cannot do so without damaging the outdoor coil, it is advisable to ask for our assistance.

In the event that your central heating and air conditioning system is still not functioning after verifying the above items, reach out to us and we’ll send a technician to help!

Total Comfort A/C Systems is here to keep your home comfortable all summer

Need Professional Heat Pump Repair?

So you've gone through the heat pump check at home, checked your filters, batteries and everything else, and your system still has the same problem. Don't let that cause too much headache or stress, Total Comfort Systems is just a call away for prompt, professional heat pump repair. We have decades of experience working with and repairing all heat pump makes and models. Our technicians can solve your heat pump issue large or small, your heat pump may be acting poorly for a few reasons:

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Typical heat pump trouble spots include:

  • Improper Installation:
    • Proper System Sizing: Correct system sizing is essential. If the unit is too large the system will short cycle and not dehumidify properly in the summer. If it is too small it will not have enough capacity in extreme weather.

    • Refrigerant Charge: If the refrigerant lines inside and outside of the indoor/outdoor units are improperly installed it could result in a loss of refrigerant over time, and loss of system capacity.

    • Condensation leaks: Indoor units that have been wrongly put in place, or incorrectly installed condensate lines resulting in water leaks during cooling operations.

    • Bad wiring: Improperly sized power supply to outdoor unit resulting in dimming lights on unit start, or nuisance break trips. * Outdoor unit icing during heating operation caused by snow or ice accumulation
  • Improper Maintenance:
    • Dirty indoor unit filters resulting in lower indoor airflow, icing indoor units during cooling, and loss of systems capacity

    • Dirt outdoor unit coil resulting in loss of capacity and nuisance system trips
  • Other Common Failures:
    • System or a zone fails to start

    • Noisy operation indoors or out

    • Changes in heating or cooling capability over time
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